project : various

challenge : Whether you’re a start-up with limited resources to create a brand, an established business stuck with a collection of unrelated marketing materials reactively cobbled together to meet yesterday’s immediate need, or a mature company discovering that your website no longer has a draw, branding a small business requires ongoing effort.

solution : The good news: smaller enterprises are well suited to creating dynamic, vital brands. Smart, well-executed marketing communications stand out in small-business environments. Leadership is usually involved, resulting in top-level ownership, fewer layers of approval, and nimbler responses to promotional opportunities. And small-business brands can be more genuine, relevant, and specific to clients and prospects.

result : As enterprises of all sizes come to realize, a brand is an organization’s most valuable asset. Left poorly addressed or under supported, it can become a liability, ultimately stifling growth. Treated like a crown jewel, it can drastically change the game.

Note: Some work shown here was created collaboratively with and for Bertz Design Group and its client.