project : start-up branding

challenge : Brand a professional liability insurance start-up, the endeavor of a credentialed industry entrepreneur who intends for the company to be a game changer in its business segment.

solution : Leverage iconic naturalist Charles Darwin and his theory of natural selection to reflect a corporate culture that embraces adaptation in response to the ever-changing landscape of professional risk. Develop a vital brand language that loosely appropriates biological/zoological visual references and employs a collegial, thought-provoking tone.

result : Early brand development facilitated officer and employee recruitment and oriented internal alignment. When fully established, the producer, venture capital, and investment communities simply couldn’t ignore it. In concert with operational follow-through, evolution accelerated – from an idea to an NYSE listing in three years and a $550M merger in five.

Note: Work shown in this case study was created collaboratively with and for Bertz Design Group and its client.